Welcome to SWGLA!

The Southwest Grassfed Livestock Alliance, SWGLA (pronounced ‘swig-la’) is a non-profit alliance of ranchers/farmers, consumers, land managers, conservationists, researchers and local food system providers that work together to support local/grass-fed livestock products.  Through public outreach, producer support, applied research, education and cooperation the alliance seeks to improve ecological, social, animal and human health.

What Do We Do?

SWGLA is a dynamic non-profit alliance that offers local training workshops for ranchers and farmers interested in raising grass-fed livestock, offers meat tastings to introduce consumers to grass-fed meat, and collaborates with many partner organizations on a variety of agriculture, health, environment and rural economic development issues facing the people of the Southwest. SWGLA is committed to developing programs and initiatives that assist producers and inform consumers in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, and beyond.

Why Grass-Fed?

Grass-fed Livestock products support numerous human, animal and ecological health in a number of ways. [Click Here] to learn more.

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