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Membership Benefits 

When you join SWGLA, you become part of a network and alliance of ranchers, local food enthusiasts/consumers, conser-vationists, small family farm advocates, researchers, restaurants, food processors and distributors, retailers and educators all working together toward a common goal. 

Our mission is “to improve human, ecological and animal health and strengthen local agricultural communities.” SWGLA provides education and outreach to producers, consumers and those who work to connect them!

SWGLA Producer  Member ($100/yr), includes all SWGLA Supporting Member privileges (see below), plus:

  • Advertisement through SWGLA’s website (www.grassfedlivestock.com), and other printed promotional materials
  • Connections to potential buyers for your livestock and/or livestock products
  • Invitation to attend educational seminars, addressing subjects such as raising, marketing and selling grass-fed meat etc. and promotional events sponsored by SWGLA
  • Networking with a community of producers raising grass-fed livestock, who bring together a wealth of information and experience.
  • Recognized representation of the grass-fed industry.  

SWGLA Supporting Member ($35/yr), includes:

  • Discounts at SWGLA events and workshops
  • SWGLA newsletter “Forage For Thought” with important updates and articles concerning grass-fed/local livestock issues
  • Email alerts concerning upcoming events/news updates
  • Voting privileges at SWGLA annual meetings
  • Access to SWGLA’s Resource Library and network (consumer and producer info)
  • A tax deductible charitable contribution that will help support safe, healthy local food production and the preservation of small family farms and ranches

Cooperative/Alliance/Small Business Member ($250/year):  Includes the same benefits as Producer Member. Open to all coops/alliances of two or more members. A producer may want to also include a Producer Membership in order to have a separate listing and receive newsletters and other information directly. Small Business Membership is open to small, locally-owned businesses. Special advertising and promotion opportunities. Contact Director Laurie Bower for more details (info@grassfedlivestock.org)

Business Sponsor ($2000/year):  Includes all of the above benefits, along with inclusion of name and logo (and web link if applicable) on SWGLA website and on various distributed materials.

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(all memberships are good for one year, with annual renewals in January)

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To join SWGLA using the mail-in form, please print this page. Then fill out the form, enclose check or money order, and mail to:

1210 Luisa Street, Suite 10
Santa Fe, NM  87505


 Ranch/Farm/Business Name:_________________________________________________


City, State, Zip: ___________________________________________________________

Phone(s): ________________________________________________________________


__ $100 enclosed for *Producer Member

__ $35 enclosed for Supporting Member

__$250 enclosed for *Coop/Alliance Member

__$2000 enclosed for *Business Sponsor

___Contribution of _________ enclosed

___Other  __________________________


* All Producers, Coop/Alliance Members and Business Sponsors, please fill out “Additional Information”.

*Additional Information

Ranch Name ________________________________________________________________

Website ___________________________________________________________________

Product Description __________________________________________________________



How can your product be purchased? (i.e farmers market, website, buyers clubs, retail, etc.) __________________________________________________________________________


When is product available?______________________________________________________


 Areas of expertise______________________________________________________________



Other pertinent information _______________________________________________________





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