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 Map of Livestock Processing Facilities in the Southwest

SWGLA affiliated producers are listed on our website and are included in hand-outs we distribute at events such as local food tastings, which many potential customers attend.  We also conduct workshops on a variety of topics such as production, processing and marketing.  Currently, we are also looking at ways in which we can assist our producers by facilitating the channel from pasture to plate through enhanced distribution and increased local processing options. 

In the past two years, through partnerships with a variety of other organizations (The Quivira Coalition, The Southwest Marketing Network, Farm to Table and Slow Foods), SWGLA has held public tasting events in Santa Fe, Capitan, and Truth or Consequences in which people come to sample a variety of grassfed livestock products. These events have been very successful, with many new “converted” customers who go on to purchase products from our producers. These events have engaged over 1500 people from throughout New Mexico and beyond.

SWGLA members receive quarterly updates on grassfed livestock issues and events.  To become a member in SWGLA or to donate to the organization, please contact Laurie Bower, Director at 505-231-3467 or at info@grassfedlivestock.orgSWGLA currently has member producers in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and in Utah.  Producers pay a fee of $50 per year.  Any additional tax-deductible donation they would like to contribute is always appreciated.  As a member producer in SWGLA, you would receive the following benefits:

  • Advertisement through the SWGLA website, with ongoing efforts to reach out to potential customers.
  • SWGLA News Letters
  • Invitation to participate in various promotional events sponsored by SWGLA such as meat tastings etc.
  • Listing of your ranch/farm on our "Where to buy" page, with a link to your website, as well as on SWGLA's producer location map with a brief description of your product(s)
  • Have your own website created for a small fee and linked to from our "Where to buy" page, if you don't have one already
  • Links to find  information on new State and Federal regulations such as TB status, that may affect your business decisions
  • Invitation to attend various educational seminars, addressing subjects such as raising, marketing and selling grassfed meat etc.
  • A community of producers raising grassfed livestock, who all together offer a wealth of information and experience you can rely on when you have questions
  • A solid representation of the grassfed industry